Friday, March 4, 2011

What the cover will look like

This is the current book cover design... which may be tweaked later.  It represents what I do normally as a writer... make to do lists.

Here you see a scrap of paper - I recycle and reuse paper - on a section of a wood desk with my usual writing implement, a mechanical pencil.

You can see on the paper a list of creative, generous acts I decided to perform for others in an effort to survive some very difficult personal circumstances of my own. You see, I'm one of those women who doesn't ask for a favor without giving something of value in return.

My next book, The Kindness Experiment, will chronicle my activities for the past 13 years and how my experiments turned out.  I was astonished by some of the reactions and responses. You may be astonished, too.

The point of writing this book is not to embarrass or shame anyone, but to encourage some people to open their minds and hearts more than they do now. If I disturb some readers out of their complacency, then as a writer I will have achieved my objective.